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Had a Bad Flash Back, Now Very Depressed

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We got to go on our first shopping trip in ages for our 6 th wedding anniversary and my dh forgot some infromaion that would have allowed him a discount at a book store. As we are so worried about money because he's been without a full time job for five months we started to argue.

I'm sure we looked just dreadful to people who saw us or heard us. We started to letave for home in our car, still bickering. He got so angry that he decided to get out of the car for a moment slamed the car door resulting in a suddenly shattered window.

I took one look at the broken glass on the front seart and just freaked. I couldn't control myself, I started bawling my eyes out. I bolted out of the car the get away from it for a moment. I'm sure I looked perfectly loney to people driving by in their cars. We were in a parking lot facing a busy road. luckily it had a side walk.

i am so grateful no police officers were nearby. I'm sure we looked like a domestic dispute in progress. BTW my dh would never, ever physically hurt me, but we sure used our words as weapons last night.

We never used to argue like this. Until this accident we had our arguemnets but not like this. I wish my husband could find some work soon because I feel like we both need help we can't afford right now.

I couldn't sleep most of last nigth and have been depressed since this happened. I don't know what to do.:dontknow:
Hey Pookie,

Oh my, do I know how awful it feels when a flashback occurs. It sucks. You know, I don't know if there is anything you can do but take good care of yourself. Some people, like me, take something by the reins and take control of it. For me, I would probably start looking for a job for him. But that's me, I'm kind of hands on... But other times, it's best to let the feelings come and then do your best to let it pass quickly. Do stuff that makes you feel good.

Another thing that might help process this flashback quicker is to write about it. What exactly was the trigger? Was it the sound? Was it seeing the glass? Was it something to do with anger? Pin point it down then write down why this caused so much distress. What did it remind you of exactly. Write it down. It's painful, but worth it. Keep us posted on how you feel pookie. We're here.
Im sorry you had to go through that pookie. I know you didnt need it and im sure your husband feels awful about what happened :( hopefully this will help him be more careful with his anger and fustration next time...that something so small is not worth blowing up over and hurting each other in such a way.. specially with what you have been through.. we all regret and im sure he does...I can see how that would haunt you though...im sorry...hope you are feeling better.
Flash backs suck Pookie,
unfortunatly we have to learn from them,
and gain the knowledge and tools to get through them

Take care of yourself :)
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