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Had a Pretty Severe Breakdown Yesterday

Discussion in 'General' started by citypersonof2, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. citypersonof2

    citypersonof2 New Member

    Well I had it pretty bad yesterday. I do know what triggered it but really couldnt prevent it from coming. A friend of mine had to talk me through it and thats what mostly helps out alot. She went through the same trauma that I went through in fact worse. I have had to talk her out of some serious stuff as well. Monday I will start to seek out treatment being that I changed states. I thought it would help me out with a change of area and envirionment. I have been afraid of taking medication being that I went through a horrible custody battle and any medication I would be taking would be used against me. I just developed a deep lostness (thats the only way to describe it). I felt so adrift and unable to come back. I started going back to my old behaviors and shutting myself in. But as exhausted as I am I do feel better. Untill something else gets to me. baby steps I suppose.
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  3. hollyberry

    hollyberry Active Member

    keep taking them baby steps. thats all we can do some days. I'm hoping it gets better for me real soon. Ive had a tough day today. So im taking baby steps too.
  4. vst

    vst Active Member

    It is good you have someone you can talk to, though I am sorry for anyone that has to go through a traumatic experience. Talking to someone is positive.

    Just keep taking those baby steps. Try to get some rest and good luck with treatment in your new location.


  5. txmomof3

    txmomof3 Active Member

    Baby steps is what it is all about. You made it through a difficult day and are able to talk about it...a great VICTORY over the PTSD in my book. It sounds like you have some very positive coping mechanisms in place and are able to draw on them when necessary. Rest up...you deserve it!
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