Had enough.. dying.... slowly


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Tired, gasping for a move in life that will tell me to stay... so done... this week at work has done me dirty... the emotional side of things have hurt me... my depression is really bad, saw someone smash into a car... called for an ambulance.... tired... the person is okay but serious injury.. i cry scream and still cant be bothered with life i want to do everything before shit happens.


@Ellierose2x I have been where you are and I wish I knew the magic words to make everything better, all I can say is that it does get better. a little bit at a time, sometimes it takes help and that is help that we are afraid to ask for, I know it was the hardest thing I ever did but also the best thing. Please reach out in real life and ask for help, we are all here for you, but these forums can only do so much to help you and we will do all we can but you deserve to not be in so much pain.


I am sorry that you are struggling @Ellierose2x. Keep reaching out. Something that has helped me through the really tough spots is to know that no feeling is final. I know that it feels like it right now, but you will not feel this way forever. Is there one little thing that you can to to feel a little less crappy or just little bit better? I agree with @FauxLiz that you are in need of real life help. Do you have a trusted person you can reach out to or can you call a local help number?