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Hangin' Bearly - Very Anxious on How to Continue

Discussion in 'Social' started by aloysius, Jul 22, 2006.

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  1. aloysius

    aloysius New Member

    :angry-fla :angry-fla , I'm crazy.Forrest Gump ,that is my skill level typing! For years I've kept a journal,my therapy! I write for a while the crazed anger dissapates. Woke up yesterday gaspin' for air (emphysema). For most of the time these last 2 yrs.I get up suppress my rage ,put on a happy face and suffer thru. I ran my daughter & grandkids off with my bitching. In the mean time every ****in' thing was an aggravation! From 9am til 10:30 I wrote! Of course that which got me to today 38 yrs. ago:angry-fla .The more I'm dealing with my va comp/pension app.Going back 2 mos I started research,then I submitted it to va reg. Salt lake,from the office in Moab,Utah,home.On it,PTSD was almost an after thought.Treated -none My explanation reads:"PYSD.Back in 69 we were men who dealt with it.Today I'M "O.K.".look back 40 years a classic case set in motion,knowing I was going to die in Vietnam anyway,social disconnect,failed relationships,alcohol abuse,which I dealt with everyday."I was on yahoo answer with a question about A.O.,PTSD and a possible link to my emphysema. That's when I heard from you.I signed in,sodamn spazzed I have been reluctant! I wrote wow I have an advocate,cool! I finally come back to try again, I see on top of my page diagnosed...! I was exstatic for a moment,til I read my submitted va 21-526. depression started Thur. afternoon,exploding into:angry-fla yesterday.I'm embarrassed and confused by this sight ,so I figured do it Sat when if it takes all day ,OK. 109 pgs skype orange readin' thru that for hours last nite was informative including the PTSD info. Frustration went backto beyond! How about Opium soaked pot laced with A.O. sold & delivered by momma-son,courtesy of DOD. Hell,it only has one line about drug abuse in the 109 pages! Like it wasn't an issue or problem. Of 8 who served in nam from moab,4000, 1 died there(lucky him) 4 are dead physical ailments.
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  3. Nam

    Nam I'm a VIP

    I'm sorry you're having a rough time, Aloysius. Hang in there and Anthony will answer your post. I really dont' know what to say. I'm having trouble following you and I think it's because I have no idea what some of the military stuff means. I understand that A.O. is agent orange and that you are trying to see if there are connections between A.O., PTSD, and Emphysema. I have no advice, but just words to encourage you. You keep going until you find the answers you need. I hope you find them.
  4. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Aloysius, I understand your grief dealing with vet affairs, as DVA here in Australia is no different from that of the USA, from everything I have read from veterans in regard to their dealings. I know the BS I went through for recognition, let alone the red tape and ending up in court that many have to go through to get compensation for what they have endured and suffered for their country. We fight for our countries, get shat on by the civilian population depending on how the media wants to portray a particular war or peace keeping operation, and the duration of that operation, then we get doubly shat on by the Government when we need follow-up support for doing what they paid us to do, kill the enemy or suppress a situation and create order. I have very good friends who I have served with on operations having to take their claims to court with DVA, and fight tooth and nail to get compensation for something that should just be recognised, screened and accepted under each circumstance.

    I think the fact that all the other recent events over the past 7 - 8 years is actually now also impacting people from your era, being the vietnam vets, in that whilst the red tape has always existed, there was never an overwhelming quantity of people looking for compensation for their now debilitating illness, and vietnam vets are now just seen as numbers within the overall panic statistics that are returning home to all countries from current conflicts, all being diagnosed with PTSD. Yes, it sucks.

    Easy said than done here Aloysius, you need to step back and take a breathe of air, relax yourself as much as possible, and take on small parts at once, and not an entire case load. If your not seeking help already with a veterans advocate, you need to. Being in the US, I have recently heard through Dr Roerich here that another Doctor exists that helps with veterans compensation claims. Maybe contact Dr Roerich in regard to that, which you can get him under username roerich, which he may be able to point you in the most effective direction for the USA.

    I understand the bullshit though that your dealing with in regard to the VA, and I understand your sheer frustration, as I had the same, and if not for my wife helping me to get through it by filling out all the forms, and dealing with the VA on my behalf at times, I would have most likely gone into one of the offices and began doing very bad things to people. I was at that frame of mind at one stage during the worst of my PTSD with the frustration that provoked upon me. I see this same frustration now being provoked upon my friends in the same situation.

    They attempt to tie us up in so much bullshit red tape, that we will just go away and leave them alone, and take another avenue, suicide or something, so they don't have to deal with the aftermath that they created by sending us into do their dirty work in war zones.

    Please do post your frustrations here, as you need to keep getting them out of you, or else you bottle everything up and only make yourself much worse. We are here to provide you support, so please vent any frustrations to hopefully keep your anxiety and stress levels down a little. I know it won't fix them, but it will reduce them by getting it all out of you as things occur.

    Keep up the great work aloysius, your coping, and that is already a positive sign.
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