Happy Birthday Nicolette

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Its lucky for you my darling husband that I love you back and the card and present were beautiful. As for your dig about age in my gorgeous card...whiteout can fix that...hahaha!

BTW, it is a statistic that men die before women (probably cause they can't handle the pace :poke:) so I had to pick someone younger so that he could stay around for as long as me. They also say you can't teach an old dog new tricks either so hence again my decision in having a SLIGHTLY younger husband....so there was still some hope of training you :rofl:

Love you soooooooooooo much :kiss:
Happy Birthday Nicolette!!!! Hoppe it is great! Anthony, you'd better be doing something pretty dang special for this wonderful wife of yours!!!!
~~~Happy Birthday Nicolette~~~

*pops a party popper*

Hope you have a great one girl :)
Happy Birthday Nicolette, hadn't heard the stat on lifespan but wise choice then! :) Think it won't mean much since you'll both be here wishing each other Many Happy Returns of the Day for many, many years.

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