Happy Birthday to YOU!


If, (like me) birthdays are challenging. Or even if they aren't. This thread is for YOU to let us know it's your birthday and for the rest of us to wish you well and celebrate with you.

Imagine balloons, cake, laughter, and time spent acknowledging YOU and YOUR day.

Whilst this thread is to celebrate with you, it's also a place to express what makes birthdays hard for you, if you want to share. So that YOU are really heard and validated on your day.

It's mine in a couple of weeks. (Happy birthday to ME!) The hurt it brings has already begun it's usual cycle (child me already feels forgotten and ignored; other parts of me don't want to impose on other people to arrange a celebration; adult me doesn't have the skills to rectify/rescue the whole thing). But this thread is a start!

So, who has a birthday coming up?!


I have a friend who lives far away, so we celebrate our birthdays for a month each together. Hers was last month and mine is next month. We send gifts all month long to one another. It's fun. Some of the gifts are gags,but most are genuine and believed to be desirable to the birthday girl.

When I was in school, way back when I was a young girl, my sister always had a birthday party, but I didn't. I got cup cakes for the class I was in. (Big deal!) All I got was one lousy cupcake, while my sister had a real party and got lots of gifts! Every year this went on... I feel grief as I write this.

As an adult, I did have one party for my fiftieth, which healed the wound a bit. Still, it hurt and I like this thread. It will help. Thanks.

And Happy Birthday to you too, also everyone here. Yippee!



It's my birthday today! Whoop whoop!
And my partner got me THE most gorgeous cake. Feeling blessed.
Happy birthday to me!