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Hello friends,

My wife was diagnosed with PTSD in the last year, though arguably has struggled with this for the last twenty-five years or so. We've been together for almost twenty of those. She found this forum and finds that posting on it helps her, which I'm so incredibly grateful for. I'm coming here to hopefully find some support in supporting her and caring for her.

I joined today because she got disappointing news earlier today and I know she'll be struggling through the next few days with it. Watching her suffer makes me feel so deeply sad. I want to fix it but I know I can't. It would be so much easier if there was a way to make it all better, but I recognize that's just wishful thinking. I wish she saw herself the way I see her. I wish she gave herself credit. She seems to feel so let down. I would do anything so she didn't have to feel that way, but all I can do is offer hugs and warm words and burrito blanket wraps. I feel powerless and sad for her. I've tried to work all day and just be present for her when she needs me but it's distracting and hard to pretend she's not having a terrible time. Does anybody out there have advice about how to take care of myself while trying to help her?

I'm hopeful that jumping on and communicating with sufferers, supporters, and everyone else will continue to help me make sense of the life we're living together and give me more ways to be supportive. Thanks a million in advance for your help, your words, your support. I hope I'm able to share in a way that helps others too.


Hola! Welcome to the community!
Does anybody out there have advice about how to take care of myself while trying to help her?
I’d really recommend reposting ^^^this^^^ as it’s own thread in Supporter Discussion (General)

We’ve got a really badass core group of Supporters over there, but a lot don’t venture into Introductions, or the Sufferer’s side of the board at all, so awesome Qs can get missed. (Now watch, they’ll prove me wrong and by the time I wake up in the morning, there will be pages of responses here. Snort.) Still... it’s totally worth reposting the Q.

Again, welcome.