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Hard Time Making Decisions

Discussion in 'General' started by Anna5, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Anna5

    Anna5 Active Member

    I find that more the options that harder it is for me to make a decision. It makes my stress level go up. I get to the point I am unsure what to do. Worried that I will make a mistake and do something wrong.

    My last paper I wrote on "What is it like being a college student with PTSD?" I am worried that I did the assignment wrong, or miss citing something in the text.

    The current paper is Evaluation paper. I can evaluate a resurant, film, concert, or product. I have no clue what to do. I don't feel like going out to a resurant. I was thinking about doing a film but I have no clue on what film to do the paper on. The instructor saids that writing an evaluation paper on a film is more challenging than writing an evaluation on a resturant. It is cheaper to rent a movie than it is to go out to eat. To many options, which raises stress level, which is not good.

    My papers seem to be running on a theme. My first, Narrative paper, is a traumatic experience which I entitled, "Courage to Move Forward." Second, investigation paper, PTSD within: A college student's experience. Third paper, evaluation paper, ?????(unknown at this time.) The last paper two paper that will be assigned this semester is an argumentive paper and argumentive paper revision. (End of semester the papers are turned in, in a final portfolio.)

    I don't know what to evaluate, then what I could do an argumentive paper on. I am struggling to make it through this class, my stress goes up when the paper is assigned not knowing what to write about and then when I turn in the paper I am worried if I did the assignment right. (All my life I felt like I can never do anything right. I did something wrong when I was a kid I was punished.)

    By the way even though I was diagnosed in 1998, started college in Fall 2002, I just recently had another traumatic situation. On top of that I cut off contact with my parents end of May 2007. (This is a very complicated situation, which makes it even harder.) So this semester I am dealing with a lot.

    I have avoided taking English class for four years since taking two semester of English class. So I need to keep going in this class, because I don't think I can muster up the courage to do it again. After this semester I will be down to my last 6 classes to get my B.S. in psychology.
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  3. hodge

    hodge Policy Enforcement Banned Premium Member Donated

    Hi Anna,

    As someone with a graduate degree in English, I definitely agree with your instructor that it would be easier to do an evaluative paper on a restaurant than on a movie. I understand your reluctance to go to a restaurant, but barring that, would your instructor object to an analysis of a carryout meal?

    On the other hand, if you opt for a film, I would suggest you make sure it is a movie that a) you can handle watching (there are lots I can't handle, for example), and b) that you feel comfortable enough with the subject matter that you can understand what's going on enough in order to critique the writers' handling of the subject matter, the actors' portrayals, and how satisfactory the storyline is.

    I hope this helps. If you want to pick my brain (such as it is) anymore, please feel free.

    Good luck, Anna,

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