Has any one experienced uncontrolled screaming and crying during a flashback?


Hey there... in essence, yes. Maybe not screaming for long, but I have had a nightmare where I wake up screaming and it takes me a minute. I have done emdr where I have had some fairly realistic memories that made me shake and throw up. I would suggest you work on your grounding skills. It helps the uncontrolled part better... good luck! I hope things get better


I have crying (sobbing) in a body memory flashback thing. Who knows what it is. I'm working on it in therapy at the moment. My T thinks it's me regressing following a particular trigger that happens.

It's very very very very off putting, distressing and upsetting. I am at a loss to know how to make it stop. It's overwhelming and just happens spontaneously after a specific trigger.

When it happens I try to connect to what is happening and why. And remind myself I'm safe and that helps.

Hope you find ways to cope and eventually for it to stop.


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so this didn’t always happen but a period of time when i was really struggling mentally i would say and i was having flashbacks and i was screaming and crying my friend witnessed this and she also said i was crying and banged my head on the ground. has anyone experienced physical reactions when triggered like this ?


has anyone experienced physical reactions when triggered like this ?
ANY kind of outward physical reaction during a flashback? Oh yeah. In a great big way. Which is why the single most important thing to me, with either flashbacks or being triggered, is self control. Even so? I’ve come far too close to killing someone far too many times. Because I don’t cry during flashbacks, I usually get violent, if I don’t divorce my thoughts/feelings/actions from each other. As actions that made perfect sense -and were completely justified- 20 years ago? Are anything but sensible and just, today. <snicker> I have this crazy reputation for patience that is absolutely undeserved. I have virtually no patience to speak of, and a wicked hot temper. But I DO have -and am willing to fight for- self control.

It was the very first thing I learned, and it’s something I take exceptional care to stay on top of.

If wasn’t an easy thing to learn, and harder still not to overcorrect (losing all the gifts of instinctual reactions). The thing I absolutely hate the very most with PTSD is no longer being able to trust my own judgment. To not simply be able to relax and trust my instincts to take over and do what needs doing if/when needed. That DOES return, in time, but it takes a lot of work.

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hey .. has any one experienced uncontrolled screaming and crying during a flashback
Hey, I definitely freeze/get social anxiety and feel quite powerless as my flashbacks are quite persistent as I still live in original childhood trauma environment and my trauma was more bullying. I don't get the uncontrolled screaming or crying but I can understand why you or anyone would. the ptsd flashbacks are almost like obsessions but I try to use a 'three-second rule'; literally anything more than three seconds and I pause try to bring myself back to reality and breathe. This really helps as my flashbacks are regular and I have to regularly ground myself in the now. I belong in a twelve step fellowship so I borrow a lot of the tools (journalling, talking about how I feel, helping others out in a similar boat) from that fellowship to help me deal with this ptsd condition.