Has anyone experienced slow odd involuntary movement of hands and legs? side effect of medication or due to CPTSD?


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I dont know the correct way to explain this but I'll try my best to. For eg if I'm picking a glass of water then my hand goes slow towards the glass and then I pick it up to drink but slowly. Taking things, putting things back is when I'm experiencing slow movements. Is this a side effect of medication Sertatraline I'm on or is it due to CPTSD? When it happens in public I feel embarrassed because people usually just look at my hands and the way that I slowly use my hands in a weird way. Maybe they're looking just like that or maybe I'm more concious which shows as slow movement? Even for eg looking through stuff at a clothing store or a grocery shop. I cant easily move my hands. I mean I can but it's slow and weird

Mr Canis

WTF! I have a similar problem…..from time to time I have what I called spastic hands! Go to pick up a glass and just knock it over , sometimes an involuntary jerk movement when I’m writing and sometimes just shaking… recently I even talked with my doctor as I was concerned that it was perhaps early Parkinson’s- all checked ok - first time I read someone had similar issues with this - interesting- but sorry I’m at a loss to explain it- could be long term meds … don’t know


Has anyone else verified that you're moving slowly in real time? Not just weird looks i mean but verbally verified?

I ask because I get a kind of dissociation where everything i do feels like slow motion. Every movement and thought.
And it might be a little slower than usual but its a lot slower in my own perception than reality.

what you wrote reminds me of that.