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Has Anyone Received VA Treatment For PTSD?

Discussion in 'Treatment & Therapy' started by JayKing, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. JayKing

    JayKing New Member

    I am interested to learn what type of treatment works best. Group or Individual therapy? Medication? Or both? I know the VA prefers to offer both, but I was wondering if anyone on this forum has a preference.
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  3. anthony

    anthony Renovation Aficionado Founder

    Group is exceptional for many reasons, being you learn from others who feel differently about specific aspects that you may not desire to talk about, though once raised, you often will feel more comfortable. Individual is good providing you have a trauma specialist and your comfortable with them that they are going to push you.

    Medication is various and can never be assumed or blanketed. Every person has different effects to medications and combinations. My preferred method is to use it only whilst healing, then get off the stuff as much as possible. Some people will need it their entire lives, some will not. Medication stops a lot of feeling within you, which is the very feeling needed to help yourself heal. Each to their own on that topic.
  4. 2quilt

    2quilt I'm a VIP

    The VA was the one that started me on meds and therapy both. As you may know, it's very difficult to get in touch by phone with your VA therapist because they do not (in my experience) return phone calls at all, under any circumstances. You simply have to wait until your next appointment, or go to the ER, and if you go to the ER, it had better be because you are trying to hurt yourself or someone else, because if the reason is for simple depression or for rape, you can just sit in the ER lobby until you rot.

    The VA also offers group and individual therapy, both of which I have done, but offers no after care once you have finished your specific number of visits because there are thousands of other vets waiting in line to get in there behind you.

    Have a medication problem? You can't get it fixed fast. It's the government, so it's slow as molasses in January.
    And if you don't want a student or resident in the room with you listening in during your therapy, and you do have the right to say no, after all, they will simply tell you that you don't have any rights.

    I personally hate the VA with a passion. The VA has harmed me like no other entity has, and they can never be forgiven for what they have done to me. No amount of monthly check will ever repay what they have done to harm me. Never let anyone you care about join the military under any circumstances. They will be writing their own death certificate.
  5. morgan

    morgan Well-Known Member

    WOW! I personally have received exceptional treatment from the VA. I graduated from the National Center for PTSD in Palo Alto, CA in June '07. It has changed my life. As far as aftercare goes, I see a therapist and a Psychiatrist on a regular basis. We are about to start a group for women with PTSD in January. As far as meds go, mine work pretty well, along with my therapy. I will say this though your quality of care varies from VA to VA. I sing the praises of The National Center but, I have a friend who went there with me from Missouri and her aftercare could be a lot better. I'm just one of the lucky ones I guess. Maybe you are too. They seem to have more groups available to men. Good luck. I hope you find the help you need.
  6. Seabeevet

    Seabeevet Active Member

    I have been seeing the VA. I have a direct number to the doctor. She is fast and easy to deal with. I can not say one bad thing. I wish she would talk longer than the 30 to 40 min. But many people need the help. I have not done the meds at times I want to, but that is short lived. Maybe try the small VA clinics. I like them.
  7. Tactman

    Tactman Member

    This is just my opinion. I don't feel the government anticipated the number of combatant survivors. In past wars the number of soldiers killed were far greater than they are today due to several reasons.

    Field medical care is much better today than it has been in the past. Many people may not know this but the number one cause of death in combat is bleeding out. With the advent of quick-clot sponges and the use of tournequits this has literally saved an unknown number of soldiers.

    I personally feel that the government didn't anticipate the current survival rate. If you have been to any of the VA hospitals look around at how many young soldiers are missing limbs. In past wars these soldiers would probably have died from their wounds. All of this information was passed along to me from one of the medics assigned to us and is information that himself and many medics and physicians have spoke about in detail. Again, this is just an opinion and 2nd hand information. Im certain that there is information out there, statistically, that can prove or disprove this point.
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