Have folks had much luck with tele-therapy?


That's all my therapist has done for the last 3 years. There are pros and cons, I think. I never liked driving to my T's office--took 45 minutes or more--and I like that I can just sign on and then sign off and go about my business. I also would not be able to go at all at this point, because I work 8-5, but with therapy online, I can arrange to do it at lunch.

As for the actual "therapy," there are times it works and times it doesn't. I suspect it all depends on the therapist and how comfortable you are with working over the internet.

Welcome, btw!


Same here: my T has been online since March 2020.

Easier to fit into the day.
No traveling there and back, so saving on that cost and time.
Leaving therapy: I'm just in my room and don't have to get on public transport and compose myself enough for it after a heavy session.
I still feel connection and can communicate.

When internet is down and there are connection difficulties. Big big big con.
Not being in the same room as her. I do miss that.
Feeling shy about how I look on screen.


Years ago I used phones to hit up therapists I liked for a session or three… whilst I was on another continent… and that’s something I would be perfectly comfortable with, if it wasn’t that -modernly- the entire conversation would be recorded.

Video has the same non-starter recording issue, but also with the downside that I can’t hang upside down smoking a cigarette, or have my feet sticking out of the sunroof, or any of the other moving about I do on phone calls to stay centered/focused/engaged on the call.

So for me, it’s face to face, or nada.


Besides my T recommending face to face, I have an irrational fear of telephones and tele-presence (zoom etc) tech.

Don't know why but my anxiety goes through the roof when not face to face. Makes looking fora new T take time as I need an appointment for a meet and greet....