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Have To Change Professions

Discussion in 'Social' started by Linda, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. Linda

    Linda Well-Known Member

    Well, I am not around lately since I am very busy, working and trying to save toward the moving to a better place. I got two jobs right now, and almost no spare time.
    However. I am a veterinary technician and a research associate, and both of these professions are "not well paid", to say politely, and "paid shit" to say right. I love my job. A lot. This is actually a tool to deal with all my problems, including PTSD. When I work, I am happy. Really happy. Anyway, I realized that can not make enough to support myself while staying in this field.
    I HAVE TO move from this disgusting area I live in now, I can not see those bastards around me any longer, and can not feel my life and my stuff unsafe. It is very probable that I will separate with my husband, since he does not want to move.
    I decided that I need a profession which will provide me with enough money to support myself while working 40 hours a week. I can come up with two things so far: a dental hygienist and a mortician. The latter is prefered, since dead people are the easiest to communicate with :biggrin:
    Does anyone have any suggestions? Or does anyone here know something about those two professions, like has friends already working in fields?
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  3. vcc123

    vcc123 Active Member

    Linda, this may not help.. but I know where you're coming from. After being/living as a Police Dispatcher for 11 years, thats all I knew.. all I was. Here I am having to look for a new career suddenly.

    I decided I wanted something where I can still make a difference in people's lives.. help.. medical.. advocate.. something. But my Doctor's restrictions in letting me work at all, were that it could only be part time and no stress. Good luck, right?

    So I got a job as an office mgr & Chiropractic assistant. The insurance billing crap is frying my brain, but I really like the healing/helping patients part.

    I guess you just need to decide where you can branch out into something you like to do, (and can make some money).

    Between the two you mentioned, I'd go with the Dental tech.. I cant handle the "D" word yet.

    Good luck in whatever you pursue, try to keep your stress down, take time for you.. I'm praying for you.
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