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Have you encountered people that call you a liar when you're not? how do you handle it

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I hate making new friends and talking to people because I've been called a liar when I obviously didn't lie and they're framing me because A. they're holding something against me and they are fake B. Just stupid C. Other reason that is unknown to me. A guy from my ex job I told him I don't have any social media accounts and it's true. I guess because he found me attractive and I am very particular about my appearance, I must have one. (Which is just ignorant). On the last day I asked if we can exchange phone numbers and he told me no because when I asked if you had a social media you told me you didn't have any " and I'm like, um I don't wtf? It's not just him, I've gotten this from a bunch of people that have made me feel like I'm seconds away from going to jail because it keeps happening and it's wearing my nerves down and it's making my PTSD bad.

If you read my previous thread you will see the instance where the social worker tried to frame me and I had to get someone from Jefferson City Missouri to come to Kansas City Missouri. Also in Highschool, I didn't have a cell phone and asked someone could I use their phone to call my mom. I mis-dialed by one number, hung up and called the right number and this girl and her friend are taunting me the whole trip saying I was calling all kinds of numbers on her phone. What the hell is wrong with these people?

I've also had strangers become aggressive with me for no reason.

Example One: I was in the 7th grade, I had social anxiety and the teacher asked for me to come get a paper and I promise you I didn't snatch it from this lady and she yelled at me very loudly and sent me outside the classroom. After I'm leaving the Class I hear a student in the stairs yelling about how much he HATE me and I had social anxiety and I literally talked to almost no one besides my three friends. I didn't understand why someone would scream about how much they hated me when I didn't do anything to anyone.

Example Two: In the 5th grade I had a learning disability so that made it hard to keep my desk organized, so the teacher would throw my desk down in front of all 4 classrooms and yell at me to pick it up. She did it more than once and when I told my mom later on in life she yelled at me for not telling her. I was a child I thought something was wrong with me because I would get the same treatment at home.

Example Three: I'm walking towards the library and there is this lady in front of me the windows are top the library door so you can't see in unless you're like 9 feet tall and she holds opens the door and look back and I'm thinking she's holding it for me and being nice, so I say thank you as I pass and she yelled at me so dirty saying out loud. I HATE PEOPLE, I HATE THEM SO MUCH and I'm talking to her telling her I'm sorry I'm sorry, I thought you were holding the door for me and she kept on going. So I told my teacher what happened and my teacher was an idiot because her response was. " I don't know what kind of person you are" type BS instead of sending me to the principles office like any decent human being would.

I can't be alone with others because they tend to frame me and I am unsure why. Is it my race, skin color, appearance, bad luck, my personality, jealousy? I've developed serious PTSD from this and I wake up sometimes fighting others. A large majority of this is also because my mother didn't protect me from this a lot and she blames me for not being talkative and tells me to get over it because it's all in my head (obviously) and has the audacity to call herself a good mom. She's a decent mom because I've been whooped badly because a bag fell off of the door knob and she said I threw it down. I hated her so much for it and I told her it right after and she picked up and object and threatened to beat me with it even though I was telling the truth.

I'm disgusted because I give people a chance even if I don't know them that well, I just leave it at that. You don't know me? I don't know you! I'm not asking to have your unborn child and 1,000 dollars. I don't even ask people for one dollar or two cents. My own grandfather conned me out of 700 dollars and I'm thinking he's a sweet old man, but do I go around roaring my guts out at people that I don't know because of it? NO. Will I ever give a seemingly sweet old man that much money again? NO.

I got triggered tonight because I was signing off a list of files and there were 2 missing. We go over the lists 30 mins before we go home and sometimes shorter than 30 mins because there are many areas that I have to check and these list can be long. The typing is small and my eyes are bad and a guy asked if he could help me and I said sure because there's only 10 mins left. I told him at first there's a box I haven't checked still and one file missing and right away I squint and saw it was actually two and it sound like a joking tone " You lied you said there was one" I wanted to tell him to go back where he came from. I really don't get it. Even if he was joking, I'm not his friend like that to interpret it as a joke.

It's overwhelming to deal with this, so much I think I would be happier with fantasy people in my head than an actual person in my life ever.
I hate making new friends and talking to people because I've been called a liar when I obviously didn'...

I know how hard to handle your situation and it's frustrating to know that someone is not believing you because that person chooses not to believe for whatever reason he/she may have. Actually, there's nothing you can do because it's their perception. If you are not lying and they think you are, that's their projection on you. It's possible that they ar just attributing it to you because they are guilty of lying.
Just hang on. Don't take it personally because it's not you.
I usually make someone actually summon the courage to call me a liar when I think they are insinuating it. If they don't have the strength to actually mouth the words I disregard what they think of me anyway.
A recent example:

I was trying to cash a check from my employer that doesn't look like a normal paycheck because it is a reimbursement check and was told that they can't cash it because it is abnormal. My response- "do you think there isn't money in the account?" "No sir, the account is good ". "Then you must think this is fraud, where would you like me to wait for the police?" "I will get my manager". He made an apology and had the teller apologize also. I was not accused of being a liar and when I made them actually mouth the word fraud they could not. Small victory, the bank is still a royal pain to do business with.

Don't let people off cheap. Make the act of calling you a liar actually cost them a little investment of their own voracity. If they don't believe they are 100% correct to call you a liar they won't risk being 100% wrong and being a liar themselves.
I really like how you handled the situation here. I think it'll work for most situations.
I would have to agree that banks do have the tendency to get on our nerves sometimes. :D
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