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Have You Ever Hurt Yourself While Sleeping??

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I know that this is a stupid question, but man the things that have happened to me in my sleep just get to me.

I go to bed fine and in the morning all sorts of things are apparent. I have had bruises on my arms, cuts and marks on my face, but the worst has to be my neck..

3 times in my life I have injured my neck while sleeping at night. 2 times it was so bad that I was hospitalized in traction, and sent home with a cervical collar. Quite a cute thing to wear. NOT!!!!! Anyway 4 months ago I did it again, and FINALLY went to my Dr today. I have a high pain threshold, and can tolerate pain for quite sometime before running to a Dr. I have seen my Chiropractor in the last 2 weeks also. So now I have to have a cervical MRI and neck X-Rays this week... Oh Joy!!!!

My Dr thinks that it is probably due to thrashing around in my sleep. The problem is......I DON'T remember dreams, and haven't had nightmares in a very long time. So I don't know how in the hell that I manage to do this crap.

Does anyone else go through anything similar?????
Well, I'm a sleepwalker. I haven't really hurt myself (thank goodness), but I have woken up in odd places around my apartment...or even outside!
Just because you can't remember dreams doesn't mean you're not having them. Everyone dreams every night. We normally just don't remember them. I'm not sure I've ever hurt myself in my sleep though I might have bruised myself a few times.

About a year and a half ago, I was becoming very violent while sleeping. My husband would tell me in the morning that I was kicking him hard in the middle of the night and thrashing around. I've woken up with scratches on my own face. I would have no memory of any of it.

Lately, I've been destroying my jaw. I'm clenching and grinding without knowing it and I'm in pretty heavy pain today - today has been the worst, but it's been building for a week now - it's cyclical like everything else that seems to go along with PTSD. My jaw hurts therefore I become stressed and stress leads me to clench my jaw more.

I feel for ya. I hope you are able to find some relief. Sleep seems to be one of my biggest issues, so I understand how out of control it feels.

Anthony.....I too have hurt others in my sleep. Scary...
Once my boyfriend woke me up during a thrashing sleep and I punched him so hard in the nose he fell out of the bad. Then I woke up.
I have problems with open sores on my head...my son told me I do it in my sleep.....to the point of blood. In the day I can control it. when I am sleeping, that is a different story! It is sooooooo embarassing to me......
I'm a thrasher. Always have been. And a teeth grinder to boot. Had I never slept with anyone, I wouldn't know it. But I have thrashed my legs so violently that my foot hit the wall and I literally stubbed my toe on the wall. I do not hav a high threshold to pain, so it woke me immediately. I can't count the number of times I have done that. I always thought my dog was hogging my pillow, but I believe he is just staying out of harm's way.

I have partially solved the thrashing and injury by switching from a traditional bed to a BIG round bed - no frame and in the middle of the room away from walls. It's basically just a 7' round pillow. With only a few uses, it creates a crease where I lay at night and that crease pretty much keeps me right there all night. I have health issues that require I sleep with my chest elevated and this also serves that purpose. There is a place online that sells them. The company is Liberator Furniture and the bed is called a zeppelin. It is touted as sex furniture so don't be shocked by the pictures. Well, it's good for that, too.
No... but I have hurt others in my sleep.

I've done the same in the past, my Ex had a few frightening experiences when she tried to "soothe" me during one of my night terrors.

And now still on occasion the wife may get a good kicking or straight arm in the night. She knows how and when it's "OK" to wake me with out risking me reacting in a way that may harm either of us.

Recently my wife has said that my thrashing in the night has become more severe (probably due to some external sources of stress that I'm dealing with) and I've noticed unaccountable bruises on my arms and legs.
Well, yes. When I'm really down, when life's just so hard to handle, I can wake up bleeding. My husband say that it most likely comes from scratching.. It has also happened when I'm awake, but none the less...I can't remember a thing.

Scary..I just hope that it won't go any further.
I have clawed myself raw in my sleep. My hubby tells me I am constantly thrashing about. I wake myself screaming at times, my arms stay clawed up despite the fact I keep my nails short. I am always trying to get bugs of of me in my sleep. Weird, I know.
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