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Have You Ever Hurt Yourself While Sleeping??

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Might explain why sometimes I wake up with bruises....

I too have hurt myself. I have had fractured ribbs from falling out of bed because of my nightmares, and often wake with scratches over my body.

I have been struggling with these for years now and nobody seems to know how to help me.

My main problem is that i only sleep for 20minutes at a time. I can have 5 showers overnight trying to get clean.(not good for the enivorment but its the way I get through the night).

My only word of advice is although we can't control what happens during our sleep when I have been in therapy and deal with issues that are confronting then I find that my night time behaviour does settle for awhile.

Be strong, remain safe and don't give up
Good luck:smile:
my ex wife told me i kicked her out of bed at night. i was all over the bed and yelling and screaming. i wake up bleeding and blood on my sheets. once the negibor call the cops because she thought someone was hurting me. she know nows that i have ptsd so she don't call the cops she knows i am back in nam. that was not a stupid question.
The last landlord I had had a problem with it. I told that here before. Scaring my neighbor's kids because I'd wake up screaming. Landlord had a problem with that, because she and her husband have this idea PTSD is voluntary.
I woke up banging my wrist continually on the bar of my bed (was having a nightmare, trying to fight the bed) yeah, wrist didn't win, got some pretty bruises coming up on it.

I also partially wake/sleep walk and self injure. I say partially awake because I am awake but not- I don't actually remember doing things but I am aware enough to converse if my partner talks to me.

Kind of glad to see we aren't alone though.
Not open for further replies.