Have you found value in "talking about it" with friends?

No with the exception of my real friends which I was taught long ago if you can count them on one hand you’re lucky. These people are so rare and it’s a bonding of some kind so it’s like it wouldn’t matter what I told them they’d still be there ? It’s funny I just realized I’m only thinking about men.

That’s funny. It’s not like I haven’t seen this topic, it’s one of those that come up cyclically. I guess I’ll think about it some more .

Still the general answer is the same . No beyond what I’d call my inner or intimate circle.

I don’t think the average person would want to know anyway. There are lots of things in this life we all know about but don’t necessarily want to watch or know the squeamish details. I don’t watch animal shows for instance.

I know what they do to each other that’s nature. I don’t really want to see it though.
not entirely sure. My spouse is the one who has the most of the story, and now we're in couples counseling and I'm not sure that that was a great idea. Now it feel like ammunition like back then. As in, I am not sure i will be able to really be part of couples counseling for a mostly-partner's issue because it involves too damn much Talking About Feeling and shit and I almost threw up in therapist #2's office today. Other than Spouse who helped me through some serious BS I get light headed after saying much to anyone, including my sibling who was right there with me but attached to the other parent. Fun f*ckin' times, man. What's extra fun is the constant realizations that people, including goddamn therapist professionals, find all of this so weird.

The friends i had told have moved on and TBH most had way worse shit going on so I'm glad for them. Spouse ended up having an addiction that affects me too, and is (good for Spouse) oblivious to how that looks when this is your bazillionth time around the Someone You Need Has an Addiction (and no, it won't be different this time) not so f*cking merry go round.