Head meds for someone with a knackered liver


After years of self medicating with alcohol, my liver is in really bad shape. I'm two years sober and ready to sort out my cPTSD, but my GP is very weary of what to prescribe. I tried sertraline (did nothing), fluoxetine (made me feel really nauseous) and mirtazapine sent me bonkers. Every time we try something new it starts with very low doses with bloods done to check if the dose can be increased. My GP is out of options and has referred it back to my hepatologist. Can anyone suggest a drug that I could throw into the conversation for his consideration? I feel my GP is trying to treat me for anxiety or depression. My mood is stable, I'm surprisingly upbeat, happy just to still be alive. I just want to find something that can help with my off the scale fear response. Any thoughts ?


Actually if I'm correct, lithium is cleared mainly by your kidneys and it can be used for other things than to stabilize mood, including anxiety. Other than that pregabalin and might be an option but it is addictive.
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