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Sufferer Hello, diagnosed in March - Physical & verbal abuse by parents

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Hello,I am Kelsey and was diagnosed with PTSD in March.I suffered a lot in my past by my own parents.It was the age of 8 I discovered something was different,very feminine as a little boy and my parents put me through so much physical and verbal abuse.I was taken out of that home into after that started and raised by a good loving aunt after that.A fulltime crossdresser liking to dress as female,my parents would not accept it and my aunt allowed it.I thought I was ok and began having the symptoms of PTSD in March from it.Doing a whole lot better now and moving on
Welcome. This is a helpful group (though it moves along a little more slowly than a lot of online groups I have been in). I hope you are able to find support here.

Had you been to therapy prior to being diagnosed in March?
Hi @Kelsey N , welcome to the site. Just to let you know that there is a Queer, gay, trans questioning group in the groups section. If your interested you can apply too. Sometimes the moderators like you to post for a while before being accepted but you can find it in the groups section. All the best to you. S3 😊

Update - there was a sexual identity group anyway but now I can't find it. You can contact admin via the contact us in the menu.


All the groups have been disabled.

Welcome to the forum. I know you will get support here and a lot of understanding. You just have to let yourself be known here as much as you are comfortable with.

Glad you are here.
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