Sufferer Hello everyone! I’m coming to terms with a lot of my trauma recently and putting words to what it all means.


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I’m Jayden or Jay, for short. I’m coming to terms with a lot of my trauma recently and putting words to what it all means. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD in the past but I was in remission, according to a therapist. But honestly, I think I was mostly just repressing and not actually dealing with it. I’m in a safe place now that I think I’m ready to process stuff but it’s difficult.

I also realized that I don’t have nearly as much support as I’d like, though the lovely people in my life are supportive and understanding, since I just don’t have that many friends in general. I figured maybe joining a forum might help me find some people to talk to, you know?

A little bit about me:

28, Cuban-American, physically disabled, hard of hearing, autistic, trans & queer, have 2 cats, and I’m in school studying chemical dependency/human services along with ASL/Deaf studies.

Nice to meet ya’ll!


hello, jay. welcome to the forum. they even let cat lovers hang out here. i arf about it once in a while to keep my dog from attacking, but i'm mostly okay with cat lovers, too, as long as they keep their litter boxes to themselves.

attempted humor aside. . .

when it comes to all the unsavory dishes on my own psycho smorgasbord, i can't tell remission from repression and don't much care to even try. by whatever name, those symptoms emerge at the most unpredictable and inconvenient of moments. maintaining my support network when i'm doing alright makes it far more accessible during times of crisis.

welcome aboard. i hope you find stabilizing companionship here, litter boxes and all.


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The one thing I hate about being a cat parent is the litter boxes so I totally get it! That said, I’m not just a cat lover. I’m a dog lover too! I just got cats when my dog passed away a few years ago. Couldn’t replace her, you know?

Thanks for the welcome!


I also love cats and dogs but you're nobody until you have chickens. You need chickens, lots of chickens to keep all the other chickens company. My cats like to sleep in the chicken coop, it keeps the mice down.

Ok, you probably don't need chickens but I'm glad you found us and I hope to see you around on the boards.