Sufferer Hello from Brazil - C-PTSD


New Here
Hi Everyone,

I am from the UK and now live in Brazil. I have a diagnosis of chronic and complex PTSD. I live in central Brazil, which I love, but am very isolated here. My parents were alcoholics, my mother a narcissist in the style of "Mommie Dearest", my father a broken man, I was physically and sexually abused at schools, and disowned by my family when I was 21. I had a near-death experience at 27, which devastated my life. It was like the whole of the past sprang back again, but not in quite the same order. I became a compulsive achiever. I have experienced suicidal ideation since 8, which was a tool to manage my life, until a friend killed himself a few years ago. My life fell apart, and I am trying to put a chaotic jig saw back together - and hopefully change the picture at the same time!

Nice to meet you all here....


It's sad that you are here because trauma. Sometimes I wish I found a holiday type of forum and not something about a mental illness I have.

Welcome from Switzerland