Sufferer Hello From Me, CPTSD - TGirl, Abused By Dad, & Shot Him In Self Defence At 17


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Hello, I am Kimber and have CPTSD since I was 18. It came from my dad whom put me through so much abuse in my teens. I am transgender, a tgirl living and dressing as female since the age of 20. Dad hated that I was trying on female clothing on and my mom would not do a thing about the abuse my dad put me through at first. I was finding my true self at the time realizing I was feminine. I remember him choking me at times including using me as a punching bag. It was even the verbal abuse he put me through. It hurt the relationship with my mom at first, good thing is we have worked things out and she is still in my life very supportive of me. Finally at the age of 17, I had enough and mom got the wake up call finally. I ended my dad's life shooting and killing him in self defense ending the abuse. Cops saw the history of abuse I went through and saw it was self defense with no charges filed. Had no choice after he went after me with a copper pipe beating me with it. After that I was diagnosed with CPTSD. I still have my bad and good days. Luckily after that happened, mom did regret the choice of doing nothing about it. She says it was a huge mistake not doing a thing about it at all at first.
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The folks on this forum really have gone through some real shit. I'm just a visitor on the sub but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to say thanks for sharing