Sufferer Hello From NE MI. I Have PTSD And 2 Federal Service Dogs


Hello. I'm from SE Michigan. 😊 Welcome to the forums.

Can I ask what type of dogs you have? We're in the market. Thanks!

Glad you found us.


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Hey there. I've been training my own Federal Service Dogs for 25yrs. I don't sell or give them away. They're trained specifically for my disabilities. Right now I have a 7yr old black labrador/pit mutt, and a 2yr old border collie


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Welcome to the community :)
Thank you. I really have limited access to internet. I've faced an unbelievable amount of bullying and harassment in the community I live in. A lot of war veterans here seem to be in deniel that anyone except war veterans can have PTSD. I've been denied access to stores, shot at with crossbows, verbally assaulted and taken to court by an immediate neighbor for trespassing on my own property.