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Hello from Ohio!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by TigerMystic, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. TigerMystic

    TigerMystic New Member

    Hi. I am glad to have found this site!

    I have Complex-PTSD and a dissociative disorder as a result of childhood sexual and emotional incest. I'm in my mid-40s, but I didn't start having memories surface until 8 years ago--that's when the PTSD reared its head and I was first diagnosed. The dissociative disorder wasn't apparent until a year or so later. Though at times it has seemed obvious I have DID, more recently it seems like DDNOS is more fitting. My alters rarely come out anymore, and I am taking that as a sign of progress and healing. :eek:ccasion:

    Anyway, I hope to find some support here, and to be able to offer the same as I am able. :smile:

    Some other things about me: I'm wrapping up a degree in Environmental Geography, and I am looking forward to re-entering the working world next year (hopefully!). I'd like to find a job researching and managing invasive plant species. I have a son who is the light of my life, the most beautiful dog in the whole wide world, and a handsome-boy cat who walks all over me at 5 A.M. every day. :mad: I enjoy astrology, Xbox gaming (yes, females DO play Halo, too!!! :wink: ), nature photography, and dreaming about returning to the Grand Tetons...

    Enough for now!

    Best wishes for healing and wholeness to one and all--

    TigerMystic :smile:
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  3. She Cat

    She Cat Policy Enforcement Banned Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    Hi TigerMystic,

    Welcome to the forum....
  4. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Good for you and it sounds as if you are quite busy. Welcome to he forum.
  5. anthony

    anthony Renovation Aficionado Founder

    Hi Tiger, welcome to the forum.
  6. txmomof3

    txmomof3 Active Member

    Welcome to the forum Tiger.
  7. nie

    nie Wishing for wings to fly. Premium Member Donated

    :hello:Welcome Tiger
  8. TigerMystic

    TigerMystic New Member

    Thank you, everyone, for your warm welcomes! :smile:

    I've liked what I have found so far while perusing the forums. It's so nice to read posts that I can totally relate to--it's comforting to know I'm not the only one experiencing this or feeling that. In my head--through logic--I KNOW I'm not "the only one," but my feeling world is often living on a whole different plane. That's what I find to be so hard and frustrating: that my mental and emotional bodies sometimes seem to be world's apart.

    I look forward to sharing more, even as others here courageously share. Sometimes I feel like I have so much to share, but then I am very hesitant to write it out. It's scary sometimes seeing my innermost thoughts and feelings spelled out and visible in type. Fear of judgment and non-acceptance, I'm sure that is.

    Anyway, thanks again, everyone! :Hug_emoticon:
  9. Harry

    Harry Member

    Welcome TigerMystic
    no, you are not the only one. That's also good for me to know, that I'm not the only one. The good thing about this forum is, that it's less threatening than face to face. And you don't get interrupted. And you don't get body-language, that could be read non-accepting.
    So again, welcome, Harry
  10. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    Welcome to the forum, Tiger.

  11. TigerMystic

    TigerMystic New Member

    Thank you Bec, and thank you Harry for your words. Yes, I agree--there are some definite pros to online communication! :smile:
  12. hollyberry

    hollyberry Active Member

    glad you joined us on this forum
  13. goingonhope

    goingonhope Member Premium Member

    Hello Tiger,

    ....and Welcome to the forum! Trust that you can overcome any fear here on the forum that stands in your way, with your increasing willingness and anxiety.

    Heck' we already experience enorm. anxiety over triggers in our present, rooted in our pasts. What's a little more anxiety, heh'. And, productive anxiety at that; :smile: I say productive, bc what I've found here is that I generally don't get the response that I now only sometimes fear and anticipate, plus whatever response be it kind, or very helpful, ...... or genuine, ...... or perhaps sometimes thoughtless, ...... response(s) or lack of response that I may get, I always examine, seek and find tools for growth and healing. It's just a matter of willingness, honesty and anxiety. Heck' there is even opportunity in the anxiety I sometimes feel here, ...as it produces pain which then motivates me to actions and inspires creative pers. thought and further positive action.

    So again, Tiger Welcome to the forum and wish you all the best in your educational and career endeavors as well.

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