Hello Keto Diet People!

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Hey! How are you doing with Keto? How long have you been on it? I started in February of this year and I've been consistently losing 1-2 per week which I think is healthy. My lab results have improved dramatically. The unexpected side effect is that more recently I've noticed an improvement in my stress resilience and therefore, my likelihood of getting a flashback. The same triggers that used to instantly trigger me to a flashbook do not have as much power. Keto is so good for your brain! My only problems are 1) The diet dehydrates you big time because carbs helps you retain water. You MUST drink electrolytes or add in minerals for electrolyte balance and drink lots of water. I was pretty dehydrated a while back. 2) Some of my hormones seem more imbalanced. My menstrual flow has gotten a lot heavier and I'm having hair loss (maybe the dehydration was a factor?) There doesn't seem to be a lot of info about Keto and women. I have heard it's good to increase carb intake (from veggie sources) the last two weeks of your cycle. I started out with 20 total grams of carbs due to high blood sugar levels and elevated liver enzymes. Those numbers really turned around but I'm not sure if it was a little too stressful on my body. My nutritionist said I can go up to 40 grams. I'm not currently tracking macros but I try to eat a salad with every meal. I'm letting myself cut back on fat a little because my body is used to making ketones and I want my body to use my body fat for making ketones. I'm also nervous that I might be losing muscle but my dr has not given me the go ahead to do resistance training yet. I have chronic fatigue, possibly due to adrenal fatigue/hpa axis disfunction.


I must confess, i (op) never started keto. I’d been deciding between keto and IF (intermittent fasting) and went with IF.

I’d done LC before and there was one major hang up I knew I couldn’t get past.


Oh and I want to add that another thing I couldn’t stomach was just how high my fat had to be. I read somewhere that most people who think they are doing true keto are really just doing low carb because their fat intake is nowhere near high enough......it’s just that the term “keto” is trendy now. (And based on what I’ve seen on keto blogs and forums, this seems to be true.)


I have had a brief period in Ketosis

If you don't mind eating a ton of animal based products and don't have allergies to nuts or seeds (staples for vegan keto) then it's easy...dependent on existing eating habits

Guidelines from my experience

Reduce carbs. You can caculate your macronutrients. Or just wing it. It's what I done. I simply ate a lot less carbs. And rarely eat starchy carbs. It worked but likley because I eat quite simple

Carbs. Keep it low carb veg - spinach, broc, cauliflower, asapagus - opposed to high carb, usually starch veg such as sweet patato, patato, beet root etc. You can look all this up.
No starchy veg. Why? Adds to glycogen (sp?) stores. Which means body will go to these stores for energy rather than fat. Depleted stores = Fat burning (maybe some muscle wasting first!)

Protein. Don't over do it. It's not great for the kidneys, not necessary and if the aim of you doing keto is to lose weight this could cause a gain, particularly if animals are the source. This is where working out macronutrients would help a lot

Exercise. You need to do it!
In the transition phase low intensity is best.

Fats. Eat good fats. Avocado. Coconut flesh. Coconut yoghurt.

Many say coconut oil/butter and MCT. I'm not a fan as its highly processed but sure it helps a lot

Fasting. I personally think this helps a lot with getting into ketosis. Either 16-18 per day, 6-8 hour eating window, or fasting for 1-3 days if you can manage. It's also generally good for the digestive system and cleansing. The only caveat is if you do the 6-8 eating window not to overload/work the digestive system. This can cause problems including inflammation - the root of all evil!!

Alkaline foods. This is just my preferece and partly why I don't rate keto. The foods eaten on this diet are quite acidic in the body. Acidity supports disease. I was drinking A LOT of lemon water and other alkalining drinks. Maybe just my thing

Minerals. Make sure to have a good balance of Salt. Selenium. Magnesium and all the rest

Sleep/Rest. Ketones get made during sleep. Someone told me. I noticed good sleep helped a lot

As for recipes you can find plenty on the net. Do try cauliflower base pizza. Yum!
Good luck
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