Sufferer Hello my name is Linsey - Boyfriend committed suicide last week.


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I'm looking for someone who can possibly relate to my lose of a boyfriend who committed suicide last week. And I seen the whole thing happen. A friend of mine took me on the lake to get my mind off things and I got car sick and completely froze up I had knots in my stomach I felt as if I couldn't breathe it was absolutely horrible I had to lay on my stomach for an hour before I felt any better. If anyone has experienced a similar situation or knows of an online support group Please let me know thank you and God bless


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If you didn’t already have PTSD before this event? You have a 4:5 chance of not getting it, which is the good news. To up your chances, the absolute best things you can be doing, are known as “traumatic resilience”, and you’re already doing some of them; reaching out to friends in your real life, & support groups focused on what you’re dealing with.

For even better support, working with a trauma therapist or grief therapist who’s familiar with the effects of suicide on friends and family, I can’t recommend highly enough.

The more areas of support you can add into your life during these first few weeks/months? The better.

For more on traumatic resilience… read below

If you already had PTSD? This is one of those giant life stressors &/or new trauma, that can drop kick even asymptomatic people right back up into the stratosphere, as their Stress Cups overflow. Similar to people without PTSD, getting out ahead of things by showing up support in their lives is really vital, IME.

Whether you had PTSD before this happened, or are hoping to avoid developing PTSD? My condolences on your loss.


Hi @Lsessions
So sorry this happened to you. I have experienced something similar 11 years ago now. It was pretty unbearable for the first few years, very unbearable!
I saw a therapist who practised this thing - Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy. It’s 16 sessions, for what they call complicated grief.
It was really amazing and helped me really understand how to help myself. I don’t know about online groups - I did visit one or two but just got overwhelmed with all the trauma there.
Agsin, so so sorry. 💐