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Hello, New Here With Service Connected PTSD

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by 53 panhead, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. 53 panhead

    53 panhead New Member

    Hi all,my name is Dave.I,m 56, viet nam era Army Vet. spent 13 months on the DMZ in korea 70-71 I,ve been diagnosed with PTSD---personal trauma,real bad scene so I wont elaborate.
    I,m still fighting the VA for a service connection after 3 appeals....hopefully it wont take too much longer.
    I now have a lawyer....one of the best in the business CARPENTER CHARTERED of topeka Kansas representing me.:smoking: I,ve been doin battle (LOL) with the VA since may 15th 2002.My current GAF score is about 29 and thats on a good day.The longer the VA drags this case out the worse I feel.
    I feel at a loss as to what to do....I,m retired,unemployable due to severe cervical spondylitus.....a disease that attacks the discs in men aged 45-55....so I,m home everyday all day and I feel :crazy-eye:crazy: well....you get the point.I have a great counselor through the VA in wilmington DEL. the VA hospital....he,s helped me get back on my feet to some degree.....he is a former CP evaluator for the VA.

    I have all the sympthoms of PTSD, some days are worse than others and I find it extremely difficult to talk to any one about many things!!! I avoid crowds and I dont like leaving home unless its on my Bike(53 Harley Panhead)...I hope to talk to other Vets that are having difficulty with their service connection....thank you all for your time!:eek:ccasion:
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  3. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    Hi Dave welcome to the forum.

    I look forward to chatting with you.

  4. cookie

    cookie I'm a VIP

    welcome to the forum, dave.
  5. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Welcome to the forum Dave....
  6. cheryl771

    cheryl771 New Member


    Welcome Dave. But more than that THANK YOU for your service in the military. Yes, many paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives but let's not forget the price that you paid. It's not easy being a survivor.
  7. goingonhope

    goingonhope Member Premium Member

    Welcome Aboard Dave,

    Glad you found us! And, hope you hang in, continue to seek and find much support, helpful info., bonds, and friendships with other Vets. Here on the forum, and in combination with your life outside the forum.

    Glad to hear you have a great counselor, too.

    Discuss, chat, share, vent, rant, get it out if you wish, .....and all in your time, Dave, when and if you choose. Look forward to seeing you around the forum and Welcome Aboard !

  8. Terry

    Terry Well-Known Member

    Welcome Dave. I'm gonna send you a PM that might be useful.
  9. WarHippy1%

    WarHippy1% Active Member

    Welcome to the forum, Dave,
    We have three things in common, PTSD, we both love panheads, and Mr Carpenter has been representing me since '94. He got my 100% rating in '96 and back-dated all the way to '89. Pretty nice chunk of change. People always say they'd like to have my check each month. I respond, "Knowing me, would you still want my check if you had to take being inside my mind also?" I haven't had any takers yet. I also have trouble with that 500 pound front door, the one that keeps me isolated and depressed. I wish I had an answer for ya there, the best thing I've found is PTSD group therapy, AND this forum, oh and my Harley, but you already have that piece of therapy. Good Luck Bro,
  10. wildcritter44

    wildcritter44 Active Member

    Welcome 53

    Hi ! Welcome aboard... My two brothers are Nam veterans, my husband a Gulf veteran. One brother has PTSD, he just got his 100 % unemployability in Feb. My husband has PTSD and we are fighting the VA for his 100% unemployability. My brother got a lawyer and won. We as yet haven't been turned down, so need to wait on the final word. Then if they say no, we get a lawyer!
    Any ways since I am merely a spouse/sibling of the PTSD'rs, I can only say hang in there & here on the forum has helped many people.

    Good Luck & Take Care

  11. wildcritter44

    wildcritter44 Active Member

    53 Forgot to say the 53 pan is cool according to my husband....

  12. jrgm13

    jrgm13 New Member

    53 panhead

    greetings. i'm a navy vet from feb '68 to dec '71. served on the saratoga as an ordnanceman and had 4 birthdays on her. bought a '47 knucklehead when i was 28 but had to let her go a few years back for financial reasons(never thought that day would come) lots of wild memorries on "lucile". S&S flywheels, panhead barrels, andrews cam, geared up to the max. squezed 125 mph out of her (got 84 c.i. out of the motor). anyways hope you still visit the sight because i have a few questions for you. #1. what does gaf score mean? #2. i busted my large toe on my right foot the night we came home from my third and final overseas cruise. all they had was an e2 medic at sick bay and this clown said that he couldn't see anything on the exray but it hurt like hell and swelled way up. went back to sick bay and they give me this line that we're on a war ship not a hospital ship and that if i still had problems to see the va when i got out. i sure was a stupid idiot. the day that i checked out of all the departments on dec 20, 1971 the medical records showed my sick bay visits but that is where the record disapeared. when i went to the va after my discharge i was told that there was no record of this injury. the big joint on my large toe froze up and i had to deal with this untell i had an opperation while on medicare in 2001. the doc said this was only a temporary fix and another operation would be required later. i'm at that point now and i want service connected injury because i can then use the va in manila where i will eventially end up(i'm the guy who killed his brother post). do you have any help that you can give to me? my mom has written a statement about my toe not being this way when i went in but was gimped out on my discharge, noterized and witnessed but her preacher. i haven't applied for service connected yet but i hear all kinds of crap about getting this done. hope you still got your panhead. any help that you can give me?
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