Undiagnosed Hello. New to site, old to topic


New Here
Hello all. 49 yo female, been struggling with the after affects of csa and emotional abuse for some time. Still struggling to accept flashback memories (how do I know I'm not making them up). Found this site looking for clarification on dissociative experiences, I've never been given a formal dx but believe I'm somewhere in the osdd spectrum. I appreciate these forums, I've been on a few over the years. It's rare to find community and understanding in the outside world.


Welcome to the site @Levee
I have found more comfort and understanding here than anywhere else…IRL or other forums.

I recently got triggered into a night of intrusive thoughts, and flashbacks while in the hospital on pain meds…and in pain. The mental torture makes any pain worse.

I have been a member for 11+ years and have benefited from the information, compassion and empathy, too much to put into words…

Sending blessings of peace and self-love as you make your way through this journey. It’s hard and long, with setbacks, but we DO move forward just by showing up for the day.

I’m sorry that you have the need for a place like this…but I think you’ve found the best!
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