Sufferer Hello! PTSD from CSA - Neurologist suspects dissociative seizures.



Hello everyone. I've come across this forum yesterday and after lurking for a bit, i decided to join. Hello!
I've been experiencing what the neurologist suspects is dissociative seizures. I've PTSD from childhood sexual abuse and moving to a new country when I was young. I have been experiecing these seizures since I was a teen and I'm now 38. I've ended up in A&E twice and finally they've sent me off to do brain scans and EEGs. I'm waiting for the results to rule out epilepsy and see what can be done about the dissociative seizures. They don't happen very often, but when they do, I end up having an episode that lasts less than a minute, in which my brain feels very hot and I lose consciousness of where I am. I quickly regain consciousness but leaves me feeling very tired and dissociated. I also experience heart palpitations (i've had tests and it's all fine) that now I recognise as panic attacks. I had one the other day at the shopping centre, but i was able to manage it with some mindful breathing exercises. I notice I get them when I feel tired, stressed and in situations that feel entrapping, like being stuck in a busy shopping centre. I'm just glad that I am now more aware of what's been happening to me as for many years I've been ignoring it, thinking that these feelings were normal. I even forgot to mention these to my therapist. Well, that's me. I hope to stay in touch and share my experience of diagnosis if I ever get there! x


Welcome. I can relate with the dissociative seizures/ neurologist/ EEG. I find out in 2 days the results of my EEG
I lost consciousness, melting brain feelings, temporary paralysis blacking out. (from stress)

Im here for you <3 sorry it sucks so much.


Thanks everyone for your warm and kind welcome. I've got an appointment on 17th May with the neurologist, so hopefully they will have some answers for me x