Undiagnosed Hello there, new one here


New Here
Hi everyone!

I'm Tala, 22 years old, and I live in France. My pronouns are he/his.

I'm undiagnosed though my doctor told me about post-tramatic stress, and that's how I eventually found about CPTSD. I'm currently reading Complex PTSD by Pete Walker and I can relate with almost everything, everything concerning my two responses (among the 4Fs).
I'm here on this forum because he recommend it in his book.

Also, a little more about me in general : I like to meditate, stretch, do sport (pull-ups, push-ups, legs excercises), run, walk, hike, cook, read, write and draw. I also play guitar and sing. I'm an animist and a vegan.

See ya


New Here
Hey @Talarp,

I have been on a similar journey and learned about cPTSD through Pete Walker a couple of years ago. I picked up his book again this morning and did a search to find this forum, just like you. I wasn't sure if I'd join or not but after reading your post and seeing the similarities it felt like a good sign. Thanks for sharing and I hope being here helps you as you recover. PS: I'm also an animist and used to play guitar.