Sufferer Hello,years of abuse from dad


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Hello,I have ptsd from years of abuse from dad.He would beat the crap out of me and it was verbal as well.It hurt and would not let me be me.All started at age 13 after my 2 older sisters transformed me into a girl.Growing I was treated as one of the girls a lot even when I lived my life as male.He did not like that at all.It was not good.My oldest sister I call the hero,she called the cops seeing a bruise on my left arm knowing he did physically abuse me.This was at age 15,she was 23 at the time and took me in until my mom came home from drug rehab.Mom was glad she took me in and called the cops.Things got better after that,dad got prison time for what he did to me.He also died in prison,stabbed to death.Now a happy fulltime mtf crossdresser with support from my mom and 2 older sisters whom have been there for support,Live a great life which I have been seeing help for this to this day.


Hi and welcome.
I’m glad you have now found a happy place and good relationship.
What is mtf? Sorry to be so ignorant!