Sexual Assault Help - A few months ago, i was groomed into sending sexual pictures and videos to a man i didn’t know.

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a few months ago, i was groomed into sending sexual pictures and videos to a man i didn’t know. as im a minor, i won’t talk about any of what happened between us.
i live in fear of him everyday.
i’ve blocked him and made all mine and my families social media accounts private, but i still live in fear of him posting the videos and pictures or sending them to my family. it keeps me up at night and i feel sick over it.
is there anyway i can move past this? i can’t tell anyone in my personal life, they wouldn’t understand.
please help me
I can think of a couple ways to move past it without telling anyone in your personal life. One would be to find a professional. Where I live minors have some amount of privacy and are allowed to tell people like doctors and therapists about things that happened to them without the professionals telling the parents as long as the thing wasn’t a crime that needs to be prosecuted (to protect other people assuming it’s not still happening to the minor) or isn’t something that puts the minor or others in danger.

Another way is to utilize online and book resources to work through your grief. This can work but it may be less efficient than talking to a therapist or counselor, especially in the beginning as you search for resources while in a state of shock or grief. Along these same lines, some religions, particularly Buddhism, can ease symptoms through their practices.

You might be able to get to a therapist by just telling someone in your personal life that something happened that hurt you and you’re not ready to talk about it but you’d like to talk to a therapist and could they please help you get one. That one is tricky because you have to have strong boundaries for if the person you told wants to pry, but then again, maybe if it’s the safest person you know it might be helpful to confide at least a little bit to that person so that you have someone on your side. Shame is a normal part of grief and that’s what isolates you from people who might actually be able to help you.

Good luck! I’m rooting for you to reach out for the help you deserve!
Unfortunately this is more common than you’d think. Find a teacher, school counselor, or safe adult you can tell. Trust me, most school counselors have seen this kind of thing. They can help you make a recovery plan, and they can support you if the guy resurfaces. Don’t hope it will just go away. Trauma never just goes away.

^^^This^^^ thread, even though it focuses more on sexual assault, has some great resources in it, for you.
I would really recommend finding an adult you trust and speaking to them about it. If you don’t feel you can approach your parents, is there a therapist/teacher/friends parent/police possibly? that you can go to.

I would say it’s very unlikely that the guy would send the images out, as he’d have to explain how he got them in the first place. Which would mean totally throwing himself under the bus, as (well - I’m assuming because it isnt here) what he’s done isn’t legal or okay as you are a minor.
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