Sufferer Help - Former Nurse Of 35 Years, Struggling With PTSD For 10, & At Wits’ End


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I have suffered with PTSD for just over 10 years. I am, sorry was, a qualified nurse for 35 years. I tend to suffer in silence. My wife is wonderful but the rest of my family are not. They doubt my diagnosis. This makes things very difficult and has caused a lot of my family from disowning me. I am really struggling at present my anxiety levels are through the roof and my mood is very low. I’ve been through most treatments but none have really helped. I am at my wits end. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted


Welcome to the Forum🙂
I'm a "medically retired" Medical Assistant who lost my career due to my loss of ability to handle stress.., it still hard after all these years.

Don't give up on finding ways to live less stressfully and try to ignore other people's opinions... That's the best advice I can give.

Peace to you and yours!


Most people here have no family support. So, as sad as that is, you aren't alone on this healing journey. This is a wonderful place to get questions answered, resources found, and support and validation for the things others just simply do not understand and tend to judge.

No judgment here. No topic is off limits and someone here will feel you are writing their own story. I have no family support as the cost was too high. Had to pay with what little dignity I had at the time. I did much better with peer support here.

Welcome, and it takes courage to reach out. Glad you are here. Hope the forum helps and the people here will understand.


Did you notice over the time you spent as a nurse (thanks) that most people had opinions about different maladies based on a cocktail party conversation or what they saw in a movie or on a TV show, but rarely based on a curiosity that lead to some reading and research? Most times they have preconceived ideas but rarely questions?
I did when I had to explain hepatitis C to my family and close friends. No one knew that the first cases were wounded warriors that got plasma on a battle field. They did know that junkies got it from dirty needles, like aids, but not that anyone that had a blood transfusion before 83 was at risk. A lot of people weren't worth explaining it to, they thought I had something in my past and I didn't care what they thought anymore. Sadly, Family too. I was offered prayer but not much more cuz I don't believe.
For me, PTSD is like that. I had one person offer me consolation that "just because they say you have it doesn't mean you really do". I guess they thought that having PTSD meant you were doomed to have a flashback and drive off a cliff or something.

Everyone knows something but no one ever asks you what its like so they might understand it.

sorry, you asked for help and suggestions but I just comiserated. yeah, I get that. Very similar at least. It gets better. There is more research now than ever before. I am hopeful that we will get better help and lead better lives because of it. Hang on. Be glad your wife is "wonderful".