help me move on from sexual assault



i got sexually assaulted and need advice on what i can do to move past it. how does it affect you? how did you move past it?


There was a component of my trauma that was indeed not sexual assault as you may have experienced.

I was however forced to be nearly naked in a room with 10+ strangers staring at me while I was in cuffs and I'm no criminal and it was in my own living room.

The part of them seeing me in my underwear basixally. Caused so much pain and suffering alone.

I can only imagine the pain you're in.
I'm so sorry. I hope you the best. There's great support here.
Mine was four years ago and I have not yet been able to move past it.
But being in therapy definitely helps, although I have not yet been able to talk about it. I told my therapist about it in an email, so she could help me without me having to talk about it.

Don't try to deal with it on your own. If you can't afford regular therapy, there's always organizations that do therapy, whether in a group or alone, for free.