Undiagnosed Help - Nightmares, Paranoia, & Flashbacks Of Psychotic Episodes



I have no motivation for life. I had bad psychotic episodes nearly two years ago which I struggle to talk about. My recovery was going okay. Recovery was going well but I was having vivid nightmares of the episodes. I told my psychiatrist but he just said it’s nothing to worry about. That stopped, now whenever I’m in public I have really bad flashbacks. I start feeling so paranoid to the point of where I start to dissociate. I can’t socialise, nothing. I have been isolating for the last few days and have absolutely no motivation for life. I told a few people what’s been happening but it seems like I always getting the same answer from my care worker to my parent. Keep trying. It’s not as easy as they make it seem. I know they want to help me but I just feel like nobody understands me!

I haven’t officially been diagnosed with PTSD however I don’t see no other answer.