Helpful info for ER visits ( not PTSD related visit)


I had to visit the ER today for what I thought was kidney pain today (CKD level 3B patient). During intake they mentioned possibly putting me in the hallway due to being busy. I reminded them that I have PTSD ( it’s in my records already) and asked please don’t put in the hallway. They gave me a room and made sure staff knew to keep the door shut when they were not in the room. It was a much more comfortable ER visit than in the past


Mostly because my original trauma happened in a hospital, this is like standard procedure. My anxiety goes through the roof for anything medical still. Even writing this I can feel my neck tightening up.

Anything I can make an appointment for or let whoever know ahead of time if I can I will. So crazy that most of these medical places have no trauma informed staff to help people either.

But then standard physical health practices are happy to thrash around trying to fix all the physical manifestations of mental illness without treating the mental illness. It meets the definition of insane by Einstein, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result....