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Helpful Tips To Get Through Bad Days

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Suck it up.
Bad days, happen.
Treading water, happens.
Now? Is just now. Not forever.

…Unless you decide NOW IS forever, and is what you want. This brutal. This hard. To be the end, instead of a segway. Not something you triumphed over, or fought through, but felled you.
Watch something funny on tv or video.
Find a book to read.
Find some small tasks to do (quick stuff)
Make a favorite food for lunch.
Most of mine was geared to doing things to reduce rumination. I find when I have time to on bad days I tend to ruminate when I'm not doing things.

Your thoughts follow your mood and when its down and dark - that's where thoughts go. Finding things that break that cycle are important.

Bad days happen - sometimes out of nowhere, sometimes something sets them off. Knowing its a bad day and whats happening or likely to happen is a big part of knowing to prepare and that its just a bad day - or two - and the better you are at avoiding sliding down into rumination and feeling depressed the sooner you will have better days.
Not open for further replies.