Undiagnosed Hey everyone, looks like a good place to talk about anxiety and traumatic experiences.


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This looks like a really nice forum to talk about anxiety and traumatic experiences -- I've self-diagnosed because i've taken quizzes on therapy websites and they say i'm "high risk". I really have no idea what that means, but I do know that a lot of people have belittled my intelligence over the coarse of my life, and my childhood was pretty violent.

Part of the problem i have with posting online is the fact that i have gone to several therapists, and they're definitely not always great at saying the right things to other people. I don't blame them: we can't all be expected to know how other people are going to react all the time! And i personally know from experience, and watching lots of disturbing documentaries about trauma, that some things take a really long time to recover from. I think more recently, being isolated and using the internet too much has caused me to regress on treating a) sleeping problems b) panic attacks c) flash backs. I've tried to write emails to several therapists over the past couple of years, but have simply either snapped at them in a cold way or said something couldn't relate to. It's hard for me to accept being a little addicted to something that creates problems for me.

Well, i hope this doesn't depress any of you. I look forward to maybe talking about my life story (when it's not 2:15 EST...jeez) and trying to say something helpful when i understand a post. Good night.