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Hey, I'm Another New One... Childhood PTSD

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Theresa, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. Theresa

    Theresa New Member

    I have suffered from PTSD for many years. I am 44 yrs old and had my 1st incident at age 5. Between then and the time I was 20, I had 16 perpetrators, some of them more than once.
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  3. GR-ass

    GR-ass Well-Known Member

    welcome Theresa.
  4. cookie

    cookie I'm a VIP

    welcome to the forum, thersa.
  5. Terry

    Terry Well-Known Member

    Welcome Thersa. Lots of fine folks here.
  6. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Hi Theresa, welcome to the forum, and glad you joined.
  7. ranger2_75

    ranger2_75 Active Member

    hello Theresa glad you found us i'v only been here a few days and i can tell you this is the place to be.
  8. goingonhope

    goingonhope Member Premium Member

    Welcome Aboard, Theresa..............

    Hi Theresa and welcome to the forum. :hello: We're all in this process of healing together. You don't have to be alone with this anymore. There is a way through this which will require a lot of hard work on your part. I too live with PTSD for many yrs. With the severe abuse beginning just a little younger. And, it's not that I intend to get rid of it, PTSD is incurable, however I am committed to doing all the work involved in my healing to continually move forward with my life and learn to manage and live with it. It's a choice we all have now, hope you stick with your healing, through thick and thin, as this is a tough, tough road to travel, but certainly worth it and deeply rewarding. My best to you and hope to be reading your posts and seeing you around much in the forum. Theresa, do you have any children? I have two 6 yr. olds.
  9. Nam

    Nam I'm a VIP

    Welcome Theresa. I'm glad you've found us. Nope, you're not alone. I'm so sorry that the abuse went for so long. You're in therapy, right?
  10. Theresa

    Theresa New Member

    Thanks to everyone. I have 2 kids - well, they aren't "kids" anymore. Two boys, ages 22 and 25.
    I have been in therapy off and on since I was 17. I recently returned to therapy due to my having moved back to my hometown and dealing with family members, holidays, etc.
  11. kimG

    kimG Well-Known Member

    Hi Theresa, glad to see you on the boards.

    You will find comfort here, as many of us know the horror of childhood abuse. I, myself was abused physically by my mother and both physically and sexually by my brother. It continued until I moved out of the house at 22. I have few memories of it all happening...and my short-term memory is shot. <sigh>

    Hope to hear more from you soon.
  12. Marlene

    Marlene I'm a VIP Premium Member

    Hi Theresa and welcome.:smile:
  13. MurrayMD

    MurrayMD New Member

    Hi Theresa

    I'm new here myself; I'm 48 and finally overcame my reluctance to seek treatment, at least enough to get some. Most of my trauma was physical and verbal by my father, which explains (at least to me) my inherent distrust of authorities or perhaps just of their ability to deal with PTSD. Home life was pretty rough for me and the community around me didn't seem to be aware of anything wrong. I grew up thinking life like that was just normal. When I got away from home I couldn't seem to get along with anybody. Anyhow, I should get going now but I'm glad you're here and everyone else too. Many blessings, Dave
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