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Hi All - Saying Hello to PTSD Sufferers

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:crazy: would like to introduce myself as i have just registered myself for this forum./..i hope i find it useful...and have a chance to make some friends.... :loopy:
Hey Doobie, welcome aboard. Useful? I hope so.... between all the nuts that hang around here :) Friends... thats pretty much for sure in this place... as you can never have enough friends.

So, what brings you here? Do you have PTSD or spouse / family of someone with PTSD?
well anthony i have complex ptsd..which me i have had several on going traumas....so i guess i am better known as being a survivor struggling in this world of ours....but i am proud that i am a far better person then the ones that gave me ptsd....
i guess if there are nuts here i would fit in....thanks for the greeting...
Yep.... your certainly chatting to one now. But thats ok to be a bit nutty, nothing wrong with that....

Are yes, the new definition (C-PTSD) so the quacks can diagnose people who don't actually fit the requisite criteria with PTSD, as a brand foresay...

Sorry... we were just discussing this BS from doctors about their new clarifications that they have decided in topic, [DLMURL="http://www.ptsdforum.org/thread124.html"]new PTSD therapy[/DLMURL].

Anyway... atleast you know where you fit in, ie. survivor within this world, which is bloody refreshing from the general chaos.
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yep gotta agree.....well i want to feel that some one is out there that is not going to tell me, its a nice world, deep breathe, smell the damn roses...
actually C_PTSD is wat i came across while surfin the net.. last night..i will be discussing it with my doc though he already tells me i am complex...i guess that's because i like to put up an arguement...though he is a great doc....mental doc that is...do you have ptsd to......
I most certainly do. My original post is outlining [DLMURL="http://www.ptsdforum.org/thread13.html"]a little about myself[/DLMURL]. I am now an EX Australian military soldier, who got PTSD during multiple operations around the world. Most things about me are mentioned on this forum within other threads already...

I was diagnosed with PTSD before all this selection of C-PTSD was around, in that the newly appointed C-PTSD is for "severe PTSD", which I fall into the that category, yes. Screwy... Yes! I think most here have severe PTSD, or the new name C-PTSD.

This was one of the things I got cranky about, because its seems to only be an American thing that doctors their are changing the rules, and making exceptions for diagnosis of lower level symptoms as PTSD, instead of the actually correct anxiety disorder, beign PostTraumatic Stress Syndrom (PTSS, or also referred as PTS).

PTS / PTSS is curable. PTSD is not. The discussion that is going on upon the board in those threads, is in regard to this type of crap American doctors are pulling, in that they are putting people who actually have a lesser illness into a classification of a greater illness, so they can get curable results, then label themselves as curing PTSD. This is what the current American shrink association is doing... which stinks for those of us who suffer this shit.

Basically, were all going to start being told PTSD can suddenly be cured, when in actual fact, we will have to specify ourselves as C-PTSD, which would be the sufferers are true PTSD, being the non-curable portion.

To me, its not about the non-curable part, but its about the part of doctors telling people they have something, that in actual fact, they don't really have. This was highlighted in this news story about the [DLMURL="http://www.ptsdforum.org/thread142.html"]PTSD in sports[/DLMURL], where sports medicine can't actually find how any athelete could develop actual PTSD from sports injury, but they want too because its the new fad of diagnosis. They are looking for something that isn't there, and they even admitted that within the news story, but they are still looking regardless, just so they can say a sport injury has caused PTSD.

A motor sport accident could definately cause PTSD, but not an ankle injury as was outlined in that news release from softball. What next? A person who plays table tennis is diagnosed with PTSD because they lost their game, and felt depressed? This is what PTSS is for, when someone suffers trauma, but doesn't actually have the requesite score against ALL symptoms of PTSD to negate a full diagnosis. If a person knew what PTSD itself does to us, there is no way in hell would they want it.

PTSD is just the current medical fad for doctors, and they want to diagnose everyone who scratches themselves or gets a cut or bruise with it, based upon how traumatic getting that cut, scratch or bruise was. The world is getting very very f*cked up.
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Well said Anthony - couldn't have explained that better myself. My GP wrote "stress syndrome" on my sick note the first time I saw him. While I hope that diagnosis is correct and I have the curable form, my history points to the other form which I think is probably more realistic. My GP just isn't experienced enough to assess me for which type I have.
it's hard to find the right one

I too was diagnosed with "complex PTSD" (is there a simple kind?) what I got lucky on was my doctor ( Canadian.... not American Anthony :) she was good enough to make my behaviour a mirror. She related to me with the exact sarcasm I gave to her, she help me see that it was not her "fixing me" it was her giving me the tools to cope when the days got bad. I felt guilty when I could not hold it up all the time. She actually belittled me in the voice I used on myself, and then asked me if I would put up with it from someone else...of course I answered no, who wouldn't? She did not give me a cure, it was not her right, but she gave me perspective which is worth more than a cure...to me anyways..sometimes it is not the doctor who cures you. What help me, what eased the symptoms (not cured) was distancing myself enough to take a look at what happens when I get into one of my "moods" pay attention to your heart rate, focus on the thoughts. Sometimes you have to live in the dark to see the dark.
Hi Liza,

Welcome to the forum. I must say, that is brilliant advice and information. Totally agree, smart doctor, and clever you to work it out also. Just goes to show, they are out there... as I had them, but then other friends have not been so lucky.

My doctors, counsellors and support have all said the same thing, "we cannot fix you, only you can do that. We can only provide you the tools, information and technique, you must gather the experience and "want" to help yourself." This is exactly what I too have applied since learning more and more about PTSD, and how to manage it effectively, to live a semi-normal life, with more ups, than downs.

I like you Liza... very well done on your management techniques. I think you would be of great value helping all of us when we have those down days. Welcome aboard.
Thanks Anthony,

As you said, not everyone finds a "perfect fit" with a therapist. It is only fair to pass it along, I would hope that when I needed it, the help would be freely given in such a manner.
Yer, this place pretty much helps each other as we all need it during our weekly bouts of problems... but I have certainly gotten better from this place, and I can't speak for others, but I feel some are certainly feeling / doing a little better than when they arrived from the help that everyone here provides. One persons experience could be anothers needed knowledge. This is why I say, it doesn't matter what you really say here, just because specific experience doesn't help one person, it may just help another, so its worth posting as much as we can about how we live and handle things to possibly help each other, and all future visitors to the board.

I would recommend the PTSD National Course to anyone within Australia, as it truly is an informative period of ones life to learn so much about PTSD, and the techniques to help deal with it.

Honestly, I look forward to learning from everyone here...
I know I've learned ALOT since joining.

And it's the perfect place to come and vent when I don't know what else to do. The people here understand your frustrations, and can to relate to alot of the same situations.

I personally find it hard to express myself... but here, I just feel safe.
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