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Hi Everyone, Especially All You Survivors

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by tupence, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. tupence

    tupence New Member

    Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. ""Doobe" gave me the e-mail address for PTSD suffers, which i am one of. As all of you know, surviving can be hard at times and i am having a difficult time at the moment with aniversarys of abuse occuring which cause nightmares and flashbacks. How ever, i continue on and hope i can find some support here which can help me through the hard times. Talk to you all soon, Tupence
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  3. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Hi Tupence,

    Welcome aboard. Yep... doobie is a lovely woman, and I had a great chat with her the other day on the phone. You most certainly have support here, that is for sure. I can't actually say I have anniversaries, which in some aspects, I think is great, as my traumas are all military operations, none of which I honestly remember the days, as even caring what day it was, was the least of one's issues generally at that time.

    That must be pretty hard actually, and something I myself haven't really thought about I guess, as I don't have them, but having days where specific trauma occured, burnt into the memory along with the trauma... yuk! I don't think I would actually like remembering days for myself, as there where just so many things that went on... I would have to have bad months as anniversaries. Even yukier.... the thought sends tingles down my spine.

    Anyway, we are here for you, and glad you found us. Look forward to chatting with you tupence.
  4. Nam

    Nam I'm a VIP

    Welcom to the forum! I hope that you start feeling better soon. :smile:
  5. YoungAndAngry

    YoungAndAngry Well-Known Member


    I'm glad you found your way here!
  6. doobie

    doobie Active Member

    hi tupence
    you finally made it here....warm welcome...and anniversarys are hard and even though conciously we don't realize it has come up yet our body neva forgets.....be kind to ones self and look at the anniversary also as a reminder that we survived and are strong people...that we are here in the now....
    make it a better cause for celebration not grief bella.....
    talk soon warm hug
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