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Hi Everyone, New Here - Fighting PTSD For 5 Years

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Donnadoos, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. Donnadoos

    Donnadoos New Member

    hello all,

    ive been having a look around and would just like to say first what a great forum,full of very helpful nice people and plenty of information i didnt even know was out there.I am grateful to now be a part of it.
    I have been battling ptsd for just over 5 years now,been attending therapy every week for the past year and a half,tho i do not feel as if im moving any further forward..i am hoping that time will come soon.
    Its a pleasure to be here, im sure i will learn a lot from here as well as contribute where i can.

    many thanks

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  3. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Welcome to the forum!
  4. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Hi Donna, welcome to the forum and look forward to chatting more with you soon.
  5. cookie

    cookie I'm a VIP

    hey, donna, glad you're here, i'm sure you have a lot to offer, too.
  6. Terry

    Terry Well-Known Member

    Welcome Donna. I've been dealing with it for about 20 years. It is tough but you have to stick with it. I made the same mistake several times of thinking therapy did no good. Severe flashbacks showed me how wrong I was. We're her for you.
  7. Donnadoos

    Donnadoos New Member

    many thanks for the welcome all.

    I felt so confident in posting my 1st post i thought it`d be a doddle to share my stuff and post in other threads but now im finding it hard.Im reading threads and want to reply to posts but when it comes 2 it, i just clam up and cant.Maybe im scared incase what i type sounds so stupid or doesnt make sense, i dunno.

    For the past 3 years i have shut myself off from the rest of the world, only going out when i have my therapy sessions or hospital/doctors appointments,all other times im stuck indoors to scared to even set foot out the door.I havent been able to mix and communicate with anyone at all apart from my family.Could this be why im finding it so hard 2 speak on here? my whole body and hands are shaking like mad as i try and type this,its so irritating and all very scary.
  8. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    I would imagine this would get a little social anxiety worked up and you can certainly work yourself up before you post personal stuff. Most of us still do who are still very active here. All I can say is just post what you are comfortable with. Sometimes it is nice to type and find you are pouring so much out of you when you are done, it really helps.

    And dont worry I don't think I make sense 1/2 the time. And nothing you say will be construed as dumb.

    I had been house bound like you and am just now learning to let that go in baby steps. I went a little too fast when I felt sure of myself and made myself sick as a dog... I just know to go a litle slower next time, but I plan to keep doing it. I had been that way for years. But I took my kids to school, (not right now as I moved and get lost) the only reason that got me out as I feared them riding the bus more than me leaving home and driving.

    Also, please read the sticky note (I think at the top of ptsd chat if I remember right) and understand this forum will increase your symptoms so when new take it in small doses. You will find where you are comfortable and when you need breaks.
  9. Marlene

    Marlene I'm a VIP Premium Member

    Welcome, Donna.
  10. kimdim

    kimdim Member

    Hi Donna welcome to the group:hello:
  11. Nam

    Nam I'm a VIP

    Hi donna. I hope to get to know you better. This place is pretty cool.
  12. nov_silence

    nov_silence Well-Known Member

    So glad that you are here!
  13. GodSeeker

    GodSeeker Active Member

    Hello Donna,
    Welcome to this place were we talk the same language. We understead and are understood. I know what you are talking about. I was there. For a long time. Here I found a place to talk and it helps. Welcome again.
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