Sufferer Hi I’m Kim - After a lot of struggling & confusion I was diagnosed with PTSD as of two years ago. Childhood Trauma.


New Here
Hello, I’m Kim and after a lot of struggling and confusion I was diagnosed with PTSD as of two years ago, give or take. My PTSD is from being abused mentally, emotionally, verbally, and physically by my dad as well as several incidents I survived that should’ve killed me in one way or another. Those incidents are hard for me to talk about, but if need be I can.


Hi, and welcome to the forum! I’m sorry that you have a need for such a support group, but you’ve found the best as far as I’m concerned…I’ve been a member for 11 years on July 7.

There is a ton of info here, supportive and compassionate people to interact with at your own pace.

Staff is great about answering questions, and keeping things safe here for us.

I hope to see you around!

Blessings of hope sent your way!


Welcome. Hope you find the forum a place that helps, educates, informs and allows space for you to share when you feel l like it. It's as safe as anywhere on the internet can be. Hope you utilize the information and make connections.