Hi I'm Johnno - Multiple PTSD Trauma's

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New Here
G'day, a quick introduction, I am a 40 year old House husband with ptsd, although being recognised with having ptsd without a services history has been an issue. My trauma's are through many things over my entire life so its hard to pinpoint a direct once only cause. Martha from the Marta Hospital informed me of this forum and I thought I would come and meet others that go over this problamatic rollercoaster of emotions that pollute my life. I have read a few mails from sufferers to the wives of sufferers so I would like to think I am in the right place? Martha has been helping my wife and I deal with these anger episodes for over 2 years now and I have just finished an anger mangement course with her. Thank you for your time and consideration, I do hope I fill your criteria as I was unable to find a list of what credentials I needed to register?

Please excuse my spelling & short term memory as these are worsening with age.

Yours sincerely Johnno
Hi Johnno

Welcome to the forum, I am Kerrie-Ann, Anthony's wife. If you have PTSD and in fact, even if you don't, you are most welcome to join and hopefully benefit from any help we can give. Good to hear that you are seeing Martha, having just completed the PTSD course it is evident what an impact she is having in this area.

Well, again welcome, hope we can be of help.
Hey Johnno, welcome aboard mate. Yep, your in the right place mate, and we don't have credentials to register here, as everyone's welcome, whether you just want to chat, or chat about PTSD and your traumas. All's good and welcome here.

Martha rocks... she is such a wonderful person, as has helped me personally through the PTSD course tremendously. Martha is like a rock for that course. Without her, it would go on, but not as well in my opinion.

I do the same as you mate, the "house wife" role, or as some off us call ourselves, "the house bitch" or "house wench" and probably some more are floating around. Geez mate, that would make it hard for you without the services behind you for financial support. I honestly don't know how some people do it... you have PTSD, but you get along regardless without the financial backing off DVA or MCRS. I commend you mate, your definately a trooper for hanging in there.

I keep trying to push myself work wise, but everytime I do even a few hours of something, I just crash again. My stress goes out of control, but atleast I don't get all the anger that I used too, as the PTSD course really has helped me in that aspect.

Mate, just chatting to me and others here who have PTSD, should help you quite a deal, as it is helping the rest of us here in the same boat, as I guess, we all just tend to connect to one another, as we all are / have gone through the same thing, just with different circumstances getting there.
Oh, I can sympathise with you on the short term memory mate, it has hit me hard with PTSD... as I think it does most of us from chatting with others. Damn PTSD... I never invited it into my life... nuts!
Kay Dee

Welcome Johnno

I'm Kay. I just started posting here a couple weeks ago. I am glad to hear from you. I'll tell you that Anthony and Kerri-Ann and very caring, kind people. And I hope in sharing on this forum that I and all of us can help much.

Yes, short-term memory, it stinks in my life. I'm 46. I have to write notes in my organizer/calender for everything in order to remember what I did yesterday or two days ago.

Hope to hear more from you. And again, welcome!
Thank you

Thank you very much for your great welcome Kerrie-anne, Anthony & Kay Dee, yes I think Martha is the glue also and it's a relief to find people that know and understand what I'm going through, my wife says she understands but often forgets, I often have to remind her of my bad memory etc what a terrible thing it is, I started to think that I might be getting early alzeimers (not sure of the spelling) or something, I will have a walk around the site today and read as much as I can, I have a 3 year old at home all the time so my time is soooo often occupied by Michael. Thanx again for your welcome HUGS
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