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Hi, I'm Veronica - Spousal Abuse has Given me PTSD

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by cpck1966, May 31, 2006.

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  1. cpck1966

    cpck1966 New Member

    I am a 41 yr. old mother of three. I have lived with PTSD for over twenty years. Only the last ten I knew what it was. I sew, garden, sculpt, paint, remodel rooms and decorate and most of all I love y kids more then anything.
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  3. anthony

    anthony Donate To Keep MyPTSD Founder

    Hi Veronica, welcome to the forum. So, does that mean you have PTSD, or you have lived with your partner who has PTSD?
  4. Shadow

    Shadow Member

    Welcome! You sound reletivly well set up.

    I like to paint and sew aswell. Never could sculpt so well, but I was given some type of holiday cactus that seems to like me.

    What is your favorite paint median and subject? I like acrilic with egg as a thinner. It gives a smooth, glossy finish which is approperate for the mythical and aquatic things I like to paint.
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