Sufferer Hi. Mixed issues, variable episodes


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Hey. I’m K. I refer to myself as a survivor, not a sufferer. I rarely use fb and prefer older style forums like this appears to be. I’m a survivor, ups and downs. Sometimes my symptoms are reasonably managed, other times they’re debilitating or require hospitalisation, none easy anyway especially as a single parent. Whilst I’ve had various labels over the decades, the ones consistently agreed on are c-ptsd/ptsd, secondary anorexia nervosa (currently in recovery), OCD (currently fairly mild but wasn’t always), and a few medical things like sleep disorder (alpha intrusions), chronic pain (nerve injury when dissociated, and JHS/EDS), and a couple of episodic other mild things.
I’ve been isolated a lot lately not just because of covid but many other things, so being able to talk openly, whether about experiences or random stuff would be great. It’s one journey I wouldn’t wish on anyone, and as much as I’m not grateful for it I also know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without those traumas. Exhausted after an emotionally intense afternoon including discussion with my mother for the first time about some aspects of my sexual abuse, so need physical rest. Ironically I’m not in a panic triggered type of state, though still shaken. Look forward to meeting others with different yet similar experiences 🌺


Welcome to the forum! Hope this place helps you feel less isolated. If talking about the heavy stuff is too much but you still want to connect, you can always hang out in the Social forums:)

Just as a note - I totally get not wanting to be labelled as a 'sufferer' (I have a similar reaction to being labelled a Victim). But just so that folks know you have ptsd (as opposed to being here as a person who supports someone with ptsd, or a researcher etc), I have changed the prefix for the thread. Definitely you can be here as a Survivor (love it!), it's just so that peeps here know you're here as a peer! If you have any questions, you can hit us up at Contact Us.

Again, welcome to the forum, glad you found us!


Welcome to the community! 🌸

I expect you’ll find quite a few people with very much the same -and different!- issues in play.

For example? There are a helluva lot of us with eating disorders, disordered eating, and/or trauma-related food issues; ditto chronic pain & sleep issues; a “wow! I’ve never met so many hypermobile people outside of a circus or gymnastics meet!” even if that’s only a double handful of people with dx’d EDS; quite a few people who have been either hospitalized or gone to specialized treatment outside of a hospital; meanwhile nearly all of us have experienced the PTSD rollercoaster, whilst some of us have been asymptomatic for years only to be thunked right back to the worst of the worst of square 1.