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New Here
I went to see my doctor 6 weeks ago for depression. She gave me Welbutrin XL and then had to go back a week later. I went to fill out applicaitons and was feeling good. Well when I got home I was starting to feel the anxiety and panic attacts. I was a basket case the next day. The feelings of sexual abuse was back and in full forse. She gave me Xanax to help with that and it did. I then went back a week later bue to my sever PMS which the call PMDD. She put me on Zoloft and I was to stay on the xanax for a while. So it has been 3 weeks with the Zoloft and I seen her a week ago and sayed that the Zoloft was working great for me. I was able to go out and get a job and I was doing great. Well I started to have a problem with diareaha (sorry to meantion that) and I only been on my job for a week. I had to call of on Monday cause I was so tired from all the diareaha. I feel so bad now. The feelings of sexual abuse are back and I can't get ride of them. This has affected my work and live. I feel that I can't work and I lost my health insurance when my boyfreind lost his job. I can't do anything.

Can the meds stops working this early?

Any information would me great Thanks.


Hi Bambo,

Medication can take a couple of months to actually fully work, without severe side effects. If you suffer extreme side effects in the first week, then you need to change medications. If you suffer general side effects, then you need to hold on and give the drug its full lead in time to allow your body to cope and get used too it. If the drug/s don't settle down within the first month or two, then you need to change drugs.

All drugs have side effects, and each person reacts differently too them, though each drug also has lead in times generally consisting a good month or more to stabilize.

As you can see, whilst drugs can make you feel better, they can also create whole new issues for you. You should have commenced on a small dose, which hopefully will settle down in time. Remember though, if a drug is causing you discomfort, pain or other severe life altering implications, then get it changed.

You need to really discuss this with your doctor, even maybe get a second opinion from another physician, which is always a good alternative to see possibly a wider variety of treatments. Physicians tend to stick to the drugs they know best, and are comfortable with, even though better drugs could be available. This is basically because each drug, with each person, is different. Physicians basically take a good estimated guess at which drug to give you based on their experience with the drug/s, hence why most don't like getting into new drugs, even though they could be better than what you currently have.

Sorry I couldn't be off more assistance, but medication is really only something you can work out with your doctor, and your physical symptoms to each drug.
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