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Hi - Things Are Going Ok

Discussion in 'Social' started by Rob T., Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. Rob T.

    Rob T. Active Member

    Hello, Guys!

    Just wanted to check in with people. I've started with a new therapist aand I think she will work well with me. She seems very skilled + easy to talk to. So things feel pretty ok today.

    Have a Good Day,

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  3. Claire

    Claire Well-Known Member

    Nice one Rob, hope it goes well.
  4. Portabella

    Portabella Well-Known Member

    Glad you checked in and happy to hear all is well!!!!!
  5. Rob T.

    Rob T. Active Member

    Hi Claire and Portabella,

    Thank you for your replies. It's one of those things-what with 1) low amounts of money or 2) being stuck in boondock town areas, I think that I finally have a T that can do positive work with me after long last, well really after about 10-13 years of trying to find a capable therapist.

    So I'm hoping and praying that this one will be the one for me.

    Good Day,

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