Sufferer Hi y'all - PTSD, DID, MDD, ADHD, & Gender Dysphoria FTM/non binary.

Hi everyone ;blank; Just wanted to introduce myself. Have ptsd,dissociative identity dis.major depression and adhd and gender dysphoria ftm/non binary.
I'm hoping this forum can help me cope with my symptoms. I am in therapy but my therapist has no trauma training .I take meds and have dealt with these problems since childhood.
Thanks for having this forum.


Hi and welcome

I am ftm/non-binary and have DID, so you aren't alone in that. I hope you find lots of support here.


Hi, welcome to the forums! I am a nonbinary person as well, happy to see that you found this place. I have found it to be very helpful, thought provoking, open and supportive.

In case you aren't aware, there is a journal function where you can write as many diary entries as you want- just keep in mind it is not private unfortunately. But the online diaries have been really useful for me, might be for you as well!


New Here
Hey! Welcome to the forum! I’m ftm trans as well, though not nonbinary. Sorry for the experiences that brought you here but hope to see you around and that you find the support here that you need.