Undiagnosed History of childhood & adult trauma. Self medicating, stressful job, limited psych resources in the area.

Never been diagnosed, but pretty sure I have PTSD or complex PTSD, although I can't be sure. I've survived a number of childhood traumas and some other traumas as an adult. I've experienced different types of flashbacks, although they are not coming, and I have been self-medicating because on top of my existing trauma, my job is very stressful and can expose me to further trauma. my community has very little in the way of mental health resources, and many professionals in my community even have a stigma against people with mental health issues. I'm starting to see how it's taking a toll on me, not having enough support or help. So I have been reaching out to some of my friends, and I was encouraged to come here by a friend who is a member.


Welcome to the forum. Hope your participation here helps to answer some questions for you and you find understanding and acceptance. It's a great place to do some healthy work on ourselves.


I moved from a rural area to a city last year largely because of stigma. There was also a lack of services but that was easier for me to handle than the stigma. I am sorry that you are going through all of this and I hope you are able to find some help and support here. There are a lot of empathetic and kind people here and it can be really helpful just to know that other people have been where I am at times.